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Bard Townhouse FAQs

  • How can I see an available apartment? Just call our office at 717-530-7500 and we would be happy to schedule a tour! You can also contact us through the website or Facebook.
  • Do I need to already have roommates or can a roommate be provided? We can offer roommate matching if you do not have roommates already.
  • Is there a model room I can see? Yes.

  • Are these units furnished? The units are furnished with a couch, chair, and coffee table in the living area and a desk and chair, a dresser, and full size extra long bed in each bedroom.
  • What appliances are included?  Each unit has a stove and refrigerator. Two-bedroom units have a dishwasher as well.
  • Will I have a private bedroom? Yes.
  • Will I have a private bathroom? The bathrooms are not private.
  • Is parking available on site? Yes, we have off-street parking.
  • How far from campus is your facility? We are within walking distance from campus and have two paths on property leading directly to Shippensburg University.
  • Is there a bus that picks students up? There is a bus that picks up any resident and goes several places throughout the town.
  • Are animals allowed? We are pet friendly. Please ask us about additional fees and restrictions.
  • Are there laundry facilities? We have a large laundry facility with vending machines and a lounge area.
  • How does laundry work? The machines are operated using any credit or debit card.
  • What size are the beds? They are full size extra long beds.
  • Is there wireless internet in the rooms? Yes, we have wireless internet and its included in the rent.
  • Is Bard exclusively for students? No, we have residential options in addition to student rentals.

  • Are utilities included in the rental amount? Yes, we have all-inclusive prices.
  • What is included in my rent payment? Water, sewer, trash, electric, internet, cable, and parking.
  • Is there a security deposit? Yes, we do require a security deposit.
  • When do I pay rent? Rent is due the 1st of every month.
  • How do I pay rent? We can accept any form of payment except for cash. You can also pay through the app.
  • Is there an application fee to apply for an apartment? We do have a $25.00 application fee.
  • Can grants, scholarships, student loans, or financial aid be applied towards rent? Absolutely.

  • When would I move in? Our leases start in August before the semester would start.
  • How long is a lease term? We can do 6, 10, or 12 installment leases.
  • Do you perform background or credit checks during the application process? We do perform background checks for anyone applying to live with us.
  • Am I required to carry renter’s insurance? We do recommend it.
  • What happens if I sign a lease and then decide to go to school elsewhere? The lease is a legally binding document and you would be responsible for the full financial term.
  • What happens if I sign a lease and then I am not accepted to the college? It is not a requirement to be a student to live at Bard. The lease is a legally binding document and you would be responsible for the full financial term.
  • What is a "renewal?" A renewal is when you decide to extend your current lease for an additional lease term.
  • If I renew, do I have to move out then move back in? No. If you have a 10-installment lease, we can allow for free summer storage, if you have a 12 installment lease you can continue to have access to your unit.
  • I just moved in, is it too early to renew? No.
  • How do I renew? Please contact our office for the paperwork that you would need to sign.

  • Can guests/ visitors stay overnight? Absolutely. Our guest policy is that overnight guests may not stay longer than 3 consecutive days not to exceed 3 times in one month.
  • May I paint the living room/ kitchen area/bedroom area? We do not allow you to paint the units but we do allow for small nails or tacks to be used to hang things in the home.
  • Do I need to bring my own bedding or window treatments? Yes, we do provide the furniture but not the bedding.
  • Can I nail pictures to the wall? You can, we just ask that you do not use command strips.
  • How should mail and packages be addressed? Please use your unit number and then Bard Rd Shippensburg PA 17257.